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‘A magical city and a magical adventure’

This multi-centre trip to New York and Walt Disney World Resort is the perfect way of combining a cultural holiday and giving the kids an experience of a lifetime.

New York is a city that needs no introduction. Brimming with shops, landmarks, parks, bars and so much more, it truly is a magical city that will leave any visitor with ideas aplenty.

In Orlando, Florida, you will encounter the famous Walt Disney World Resort. Here, you’ll find yourselves in a magical adventure that is bound to leave everlasting impressions on adults and children alike.

The combination of New York and Walt Disney World Resort as a twin-centre holiday serves up the perfect recipe for a family trip. By combining New York with Walt Disney World Resort, you are bound to create some valuable memories for the entire family that you will treasure forever.


Destination 1: New York

In New York, the world is your oyster. This huge city offers everything.

The island of Manhattan, which is considered by many as New York City’s capital, is particularly known for its impressive skyline. A view many are likely to have seen in various television shows and films. Having a chance to witness it in reality shouldn’t be missed and will appeal to both children and adults.

You’ll have the perfect view of famous skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the brand new One World Trade Center – a building structured following the 9/11 attacks.

New York is more than just impressive buildings. On Manhattan alone you’ll find several landmarks such as the impressive Rockefeller Center. While in New York with the family, a perfect chance to experience American culture is by taking a trip to one of the many sports events taking place in the city. Whether you’re into football, baseball, basketball or hockey or just looking to soak up some atmosphere, New York is the place to be.

Destination 2: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is an absolute must for any family or even just for adults. Allow yourselves to be encapsulated into this wonderful fantasy world and you will not leave disappointed.

Full of a large number of resorts, booking a hotel at Walt Disney World Resort will present you with the best possible premises to get the most out of your holiday. The park boasts a massive amount of attractions and activities that will keep you going for days. You will certainly not run out of ideas.

For instance, there are four different theme parks at the resort. They all have their own theme and we strongly recommend taking a visit to all four if possible. If the Florida heat is a bit too harsh on you, fear not, as Walt Disney World Resort has two water parks at its disposal.

Walt Disney World Resort is not just about attractions and rides. The park offers a wide range of activities such as tours, spas and shops to keep you going all day.

Prepare to indulge yourselves into Disney’s magical world and enjoy an enchanting experience.

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