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‘Famous landmarks and top-notch theme parks’

By combining this popular twin-centre trip to America, you’ll be taking in some of the country’s most impressive landmarks and fascinating theme parks. This trip takes you to New York on the East Coast before heading south to the tropical state of Florida.

In New York, you’ll be able to experience the most famous city in the World and its host of activities. Here, you will encounter landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, while also having the chance to meet various nationalities and cultures truly contributing to the city’s diverse nature.

A short flight to Florida will take you to Orlando – a city brimming with theme parks. Here you will find theme parks based on Harry Potter, Disney as well as numerous other impressive landmarks and beautiful scenery.

This multi-centre holiday will provide the whole family with a wide range of fun, engaging and cultural activities.


Destination 1: New York

New York is arguably the most famous city in the World and there is a whole host of activities for any traveler to explore. Most of these world famous landmarks are located on the island of Manhattan, while some of the other boroughs that make up the city each offer a charm of their own.

New York is full of deals and ideas to spice up your holiday. Some of the most famous landmarks such as Central Park and Times Square are absolute must sees in this city, while we definitely recommend that you take a trip to Broadway to watch a memorable performance.

If you’re heading to the impressive Statue of Liberty, the city offers a number of daily boat trips allowing tourists to get close up to one of the world’s most famous monuments.

New York is the melting pot of the World and is full to the brim of various nationalities and cultures. If you are looking to explore these cultures, we definitely recommend a trip to Little Italy and the adjacent Chinatown.

Destination 2: Orlando

Located in the middle of Florida, Orlando is mainly famous for its theme parks. Home to a number of theme parks, it is no secret that this is the place to come for a family holiday.

For any Harry Potter or Disney enthusiasts, Orlando is the place to be. A trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will capture any Harry Potter fan and let them explore the wonderful World that they’ve fallen in love with.

Walt Disney World is another theme park worth exploring for any adult or child. Similar to its Parisian counterpart, the park offers a memorable experience with some of the World’s most adored and recognisable characters.

However, Orlando is not only about theme parks. If you fancy an escape from the fast-paced theme park atmosphere, take a trip to some of the city’s beautiful parks and gardens such as the 50-acre Harry P. Leu Gardens. If there’s an athlete hidden in you, we can definitely recommend a round on some of the beautiful golf courses in the area.

Orlando is full of family experiences and is the perfect destination for anyone looking to give their children memories that will last with them forever.

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