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‘Captivating city life of Thailand’

Selecting this popular multi-centre trip to Bangkok and Chiang Mai is a perfect way of experiencing the busy city life of Thailand, which will provide you with the best basis of enjoying Thai culture and lifestyle.

Starting in Bangkok, you’ll find yourselves in a city rich in history and culture. You’ll be able to interact with the tourist-friendly people of Bangkok at various markets and food stalls, while the temples will give you the most impressive backdrop imaginable.

From Bangkok, you’ll head north to Chiang Mai which, like Bangkok, will display the impressive life of a busy Thai city. Here, you will find numerous activities for the entire family as well as the chance of enjoying local cuisine at the city’s various markets.

Combining Bangkok and Chiang Mai as a twin-centre is a perfect itinerary for anybody looking to enjoy a big city holiday, while at the same time experiencing and exploring two of the most significant cities in Thailand.


Destination 1: Bangkok

Bangkok is not only Thailand’s most important city, but also one of Asia’s most prominent. Famous for its diverse culture and beautiful Buddhist temples, Bangkok offers any holiday-goer an unforgettable experience.

Regardless of what type of holiday you are seeking, Bangkok will provide you with the best possible conditions to match your needs. For any couples seeking a romantic getaway for instance, you will be pleased to hear that the city is home to many luxury resorts and high-end restaurants offering some of Thailand’s finest cuisine truly providing a memorable backdrop for any occasion.

If you are looking for a place to relax with the family as well as escape the somewhat unforgiving heat of the city, the vast amount of air-conditioned indoor playgrounds and arcades are likely to appeal to children, while also offering adults a short break.

However, for any visitor, we must recommend a trip to the majestic Grand Palace. Home to the Royal family, this impressive piece of architecture is likely to amaze children and adults alike. Bangkok is full of life and you will certainly not run out of things to do.

Destination 2: Chiang Mai

Located approximately 700km north of Bangkok, you’ll find Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-largest city. Situated in the northern parts of Thailand, it is widely considered the most important city of the region.

Taking a trip to one of the city’s many temples is an absolute must in Chiang Mai. Wherever you go, you are likely to encounter a temple – all boasting a rich significance and unrivalled level of architecture. One of the most famous temples of the city is the hugely impressive Wat Chedi Luang, which was built more than 600 years ago. Soaring at more than 260 feet, the temple is one of the core elements of the city’s picturesque skyline.

If you are seeking family activities, Chiang Mai offers a number of wildlife parks that are likely to leave an impression on both children and adults. The Chiang Mai Zoo will offer you the chance to encounter some of the World’s few remaining pandas, while the Mae Sa Elephant Camp will leave you gobsmacked as you witness some of the most beautiful and intelligent animals put on performances such as dancing or even playing football.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful experience that shows off Thailand’s city culture at its finest.

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